Is all pointless 

The point of life is a question many have answered and yet every answer is different.

When I asked my teachers the point of life, I was given a very honest answer.

They told me, that if life had a point it would be seen as work. If there was a point in life we would be working to achieve this point, this working will result in the absence of living and thus removing the true point in life. 

The true point in life is to live. 

The morning
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I love the morning 

Coffee kisses my lips 

She dances through the doors

Shining light on all
She realizes not 

Her importance in this little town.

This little town who is warmed by her smile

The morning I wake for

The morning I live for

It is the morning I am thankful for.

I’m sorry son.

I’m sorry son that you never got to know me

I was shot when you were very young

You see life here and opportunities are easy 

I couldn’t manage to deal with the paper work overseas 

I knew the danger but turned a blind eye 

As it was the money that would give us the best life

I didn’t think I would have a bullet in my heart 

And all for the Apple that I would never part

I’m sorry son but I did my best to give you the life that was better then the test

But now you have lost something more important then all

A farther who loves you

A pillar that would have stood tall