War between one

A world living in fear is a world living under the control of evil.The Buddhists believe that when one is confronted with evil the only way to defeat it is to give them love and kindness as this evil was developed on hate, anger, fear and blame. 

To believe in evil is to live in fear. I don’t believe in evil, I believe in light and dark. 
A state of darkness where one sees no future, you care not for yourself or others. Not being able to see. Not having hope. 

One becomes lost. 
Stephen hawking once said that “As long as there is life, there is hope.”
To the families that have lost, suffered and will suffer, I have you in my thoughts and prayers.
To those who wish to do harm. 

I am sorry. I am sorry for not seeing you as I see myself. I am sorry I didn’t think of your beliefs as equal to mine. I am sorry I didn’t include you in my life, like I did others. I am sorry I didn’t give you the light when you asked and needed it. I am sorry on behalf of us, the separated. 
You see I am weak, I let the stories of the past, the stories of others, and the stories of what if, control my belief. 

I am not as perfect as you may think. 

I am human, find it in you to forgive me and let’s live together in this world. It was made so we can live here in peace. 
We are one world, we are one species, we will all die if we don’t start living like one.

Prayer for the lost.

To the spirit that runs through all of us
I am thankful for the ability to leave my footprints on this earth. 
I am thankful for the ability to wash my mind in the clarity of water. 
I am thankful for the mountains to climb, at the end of the struggling steps there is always a beauty that touches my inner being.
I am thankful for the lungs that breath for this earth, they give so much and take nothing. 
I am thankful for the whispers that blow through this land, they move through me, carrying my soul to the ends of earth. 
I am thankful for the wise one, who watches the world from a far and moves the water. 
I am thankful for the light that rises every morning and sets with the promise to rise again tomorrow.
I am thankful for the hearts that share this life, they make it worth the beating of mine. 
I am sorry we dig and cut into this earth and turn the soft sand into hard lifeless land.
I am sorry we wash more then just our minds in the rivers, waters run but clarity is rarely found. 
I am sorry the climbing of mountains isn’t as important as the view from the top nowadays. 
I am sorry that we not only killing ours with smoke, but cut into yours to write and burn. 
I am sorry for the lies that we send into the winds, with our poison we share the deadly breath.
I am sorry that we feel the wise one needs to be touched, to be controlled. We see and want. 
I am sorry we don’t love the times that are filled with light. 
I am sorry we use the hearts as products, sparing non, as if the paper they are given has the same value. 
I am grateful to be alive but in the same breath I wish I wasn’t. 

With this I give you my life. 

I will stand to protect you, to the grave and into the next lives.