What is spirituality?

The ability to trancelate and comprehend a frequencies that are different from the rest. A spiritual person is no different from a shallow person, an aggressive person, a depressive person, a conventional person. All states of the spiritual world(the world consists of spiritual, physical) are the same. So why is spirituality not the same as aggression, or any other of the above classifications? Well what is different is the frequency that each “group” is able to trance late and comprehend. This is what separates them from one another. 

So why do people think that to be spiritual is to be happier then the rest? 

Spirituality is not happiness, it actually lead to more sadness the further you go into this mystical world. 

This statement that the question poses is wrong on many levels and the main thing about spirituality is the acknowledgement of greater or less then when it comes to seen other beings. Spirituality is the loosing of the difference of importance. One doesn’t see another as more important then another for any reason. We are all the same with different abilities, we are all of equal importance and should be treating that way. 

Are you vegan because you have this spiritual belief system?

 No. Many vegans think they are spiritual because the don’t eat meat. Many people see vegans as spiritual because they don’t eat meat. But as soon as a Pearson of any belief sees themself as better then another they have lost their spirituality. One can be spiritual and not belong to any religion or belief system. One can be a priest and not have any spirituality at all. 

How do you see if one is spiritual?

Well this is seen instantly once you find your spirituality it becomes about practicing the trust in your “gut”. Your gut has no ability to feel these strange energies, this is your soul. More practical identification is to see how they stand, how they talk, how they great you, how the see themselves in relation to their environment. One who thinks what they say is more correct then another is not spiritual. The desire to correct ones belief, the one who doesn’t treat the differences with humble respect is of spiritual movement

What is enlightenment? 

Enlightenment is seen as the goal for every soul. It is the most complex state to be described as it holds an energy and frequency that is incomprehensible to many of all realms of this world. The religions call it the heaven, nirvana and many more. I feel that enlightenment is to involve only light. This is almost impossible to achieve as even a light creates a shadow. Shadows need to be lost and the only way to do that is to take things out the way of the light. Things like judgment, like opinion, like likes and dislikes, fears. To loose all aspects of this world is to reach enlightenment. This is the catch. One has to be alive to achieve this state. To loose life and to be living is the key to enlightenment. It is a key that is almost not achievable, definitely not achievable with constant happiness.